Fly Fishing Hints and tips.

Use the countdown method.

One of the key things you’re trying to do when you’re trout fishing is to find the depth at which the fish are holding even using this method I am about to explain it can still be very hard but this works 90% of the time lol.

The depth of the fish will change according to the light levels, water temperature, wind levels, and insect hatches, so you’ll need to use the countdown method throughout your day.

After you’ve cast your flies, give the line a pull to straighten it out and ensure you’ll feel any takes, and then countdown down for 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 seconds to allow your flies to sink through the depths.

With each consecutive cast, use a slightly longer countdown before you commence your retrieve to help you find the depth at which the fish are holding once you start getting a bit of interest remember the count and repeat

Nice Rainbow from Forgue fishery caught whilst using the count down method.

This method has worked well for me over the years and will vastly improve your catch rate.

Don’t get me wrong most experienced fishers know this tip but newbies may not so I hope this helps and look out for more tips very soon.

 Watch the fly line at the tip.

After and during your cast, always keep your rod tip down so it’s just above the water surface. If you retrieve with your rod up in the air, several feet above the water, any fish which takes your fly gently won’t be felt because it will only move the slackline dangling beneath.

Point your rod tip down all the water through the retrieve and keep a close eye on the line dangling just below the tip. It’s your strike indicator. If a fish takes the fly gently, you will often spot the line move outwards, even if you don’t feel the bite. Lift the rod and you might hook the fish.

This is one of the tips I keep telling people this will definitely get you more fish.

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