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Hope you are all keeping sake inside and only going out if you really have to during this very challenging times if you please spare a thought for our new superheroes that we have just discovered all our #NHS staff who are in in the front line of the biggest battel the UK has had to face since the second world war.

My partner is one of these heroes and through her, I see how much stress the NHS staff are going through so what I have decided to do is start up a campaign called (Fishing for the NHS) it’s a Facebook group that I have been collecting donations of flies to be auctioned off and all proceeds will not go to the NHS for PPE or medical items but will go directly to the staff from the nurses down to the domestics in the way of some gifts might be just a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers that still has to be decided but I will use my Facebook group to decide what we do.

Ok, I know not everyone ties flyes so if you want to contribute you can by sending a donation to my #GoFundPage or join my Facebook group #FishingfortheNHS where you can find the photo gallery of the #donations we have so far so you can decide if you want to bid on any of them.

If you are an anyway affiliated with anything fishing and can spare a gift of any kind from flies to a day fishing, in fact, anything doesn’t even need to be fishing items as every little will help with the cause in the end.

One last thing thank you all for your continued support to Granite City Fishing it is very much appreciated even more now how the world is now and please keep safe and hope to see some of you out on the water when we finally get out again.


Granite City Fishing

2 thoughts on “Granite City Fishing & the NHS”

  1. Good afternoon Davie,
    Well done on starting up your Granite City Fishing auction, all for a good cause. My name is Ted Eadie and I am President of Perth & District AA, (PDAA). I saw your auction information last night but can no longer see it, tried logging registering and logging in but to no avail. I am not sure if your auction is only for flies, but PDAA would be willing to donate a day’s salmon fishing for two persons with a PDAA guide at Upper Delvine beat of the River Tay to be auctioned for the cause, let me know. Obviously fishing at present locked down but we live in hope of being set free soon.

    • Thank you so much for your great comments it’s very much appreciated I spend more than 12 hours a day working on the group auction and it’s quite stressful and comments like your help me push even harder to get this auction to work so thanks. that’s the latest link to one of our auction this is a wooded box with 50 Salmon flies this runs out tonight but we have so much more lots to come. Your kind offer of the 2-rod fishing is fantastic and very much appreciated and will go down well with the members of the group so thank you so much for that.
      I hope the links i have sent on this email work if not please let me know once more thank you so much for your support it means a lot to me and will mean even more to the NHS staff’
      Granite City Fishing


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