Humpies – The Humpy or Goofus Bug is a very buoyant pattern initially created for the swift waters of California and has become the number one rough water dry fly! It sits high on the water and is very visible to the angler in poor conditions. It is used as an all purpose fly by anglers throughout the world on difficult and broken waters because it doesn’t just float, it catches fish!
Wulffs – The Wulff series represents a bushy, high floating fly, that remains visible into the evening twilight, and rides well in rough water; and were developed by Lee Wulff in the 1930’s. The most popular of the series is probably the Grey Wulff, it takes fish throughout the spring and summer. Every modern fly angler should have one in their flybox; in larger sizes it makes excellent Mayfly pattern.
Stimulators – Stimulators are used successfully as a great buoyant attractor pattern on fast water, sometimes as representative of a sedge, and often as an imitation of a large stonefly.