15mm solid Semperfli Chenille.



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15mm Solid Chenille Olive is a 15mm fritz/chenille that is popular the world over. Plus cehnilles are the Semperfli solid color chenille ranges. 15mm Solid Chenille Olive has a bonded core so that it does not break apart or drop strands and is specially made to not have too ‘thick’ a body so that it can be wound closely to produce a tight and bushy fly. Professionally pressure dyed so that the color is dyed through the core giving a perfect computer-controlled color every time. 15mm Solid Chenille Olive is part of a range of solid or plush colors.

Perfect for bodies of blobs, bodies of large streamers, and fresh or saltwater predators

There are 1m / 1 yards (approx ) per bag of 15mm Solid Chenille Olive

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