Arctic Suspender Black Buzzer




The Suspender Buzzer is best on a floating line and long leader with fine diameter tippet of 3 or 4lbs. Cast out and leave the suspender buzzer to do the work, the trout will soon come to it. If a buzzer hatch is on and trout are actively searching the surface film for emergers then this fly is dynamite.

The Suspender Buzzer really sorts out the big wily overwintered trout in early spring. It is a fantastic fly-in flat calm conditions. The Suspender Buzzer works from March onwards and will even pull fish up in mid-winter on mild days.

This is another must and suspender buzzer trout flies will give your top of the water fishing a whole new meaning. Works equally well on brown and rainbow trout and also in rivers. Takes can sometimes be nothing short of savage – you have been warned!

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