Red Holographic Diawl Bach. (1815)




Diawl Bach fly:
Welsh for Little Devil. This all round nymph attractor pattern can be fished in a variety of ways and it gives excellent results in rough water, as well as, calm. The Diawl Bach Nymph Trout Flies are suggestive of all sorts of aquatic insect life, especially midges. In Britain and areas of Northern Europe the Diawl Bach Nymphs have become one of the most popular still water flies of recent times. The secret to the Diawl Bach Trout Fly, is its sparse, nymph like profile which makes it a great choice for all seasons and conditions. Carp and trout adore the Diawl Bach Flies.
How to fish the Diawl Bach:
For many Stillwater trout fisheries, Diawl Bach’s can be fished in a similar style to buzzers, with only a very gentle retrieve. The leader and end of the fly line should be watched carefully for takes that may only be a slight draw but unlike most I also retrieved the Diawl Bach with a fast figure of 8 and had some of the best days fishing play with the speed and I can nearly guarantee you will not blank with the Diawl Bach..
The Bach might be most heavily associated with reservoir fly fishing and rainbow trout, but this is also highly underused fly on lochs and wild lakes for brown trout. If the fishing is tough, or there is little wind, a Diawl Bach on the point presents a subtler target for less aggressive fish. Another key area when fishing the Diawl Bach is the end of the retrieve. Never rush to bring the flies out of the water, but make a slow steady lift, by gradually lifting the rod as you bring the last few feet of fly line in. This can take twenty seconds or more and the ascending motion will quite often bring a late take if you get it right.

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