Sunburst Kate




The Sunburst Kate is a colourful variation of the legendary Kate McLaren.

It is a top dropper fly and a superb attractor and disturbance pattern that is especially successful when pulled through the waves on a windy day or on calmer times a gentle figure of eight.

It is usually fished with a Floating Line and is one of the most popular of wet hackled flies.

Expert Tip:

Palmered wets are most effective when fished “loch style”.

Cast a team of two or three flies with the wind and allow them to drift on a floating or Intermediate Line, using sink-tips if you want to get the flies down.

Retrieve with regular short strips keeping a tight line so you can detect takes. End of retrieve raise the rod slowly as it is not uncommon for most savage takes to occur as the fly accelerates towards the surface.

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