Monthly Tombola.


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The GCFflyshop Tombola.

  • The draw will take place at the start of each month (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) date and time will be posted on the GCFflyshop Facebook group, Page, Website & by email.
  • There is 159 ticket 53 of them have a prize on them giving you a 1 in 3 chance of winning the list of prizes below.
  • Tickets cost £5 each and can be purchased up until the last day of the month giving me time to sort out all payments and to add the names into the hat before the draw.
  • For each ticket, you purchase your name will be added to hat 1.
  • Hat 2 will have the 159 raffle tickets.
  • On the day of the draw, I will be live on the GCFflyshop Facebook Group
  • I will pick a name from hat 1 then pick a raffle ticket from hat 2 you will instantly be told if you have won or not.
  • All prizes will be sent out ASAP.
  • Any prizes not won will roll over to the next month’s draw.
  • Prize
    Used fox box with 50 new Cormorant flies
    Grays Fly GTS 300 Reel (new) #4/5/6
    Box Collection of Easyegg Flies
    Box Collection of Easyegg & Mop Flies
    Collection Of flies x 20
    Collection Of flies x 16
    Fishing Pliers
    Line Clipers & Zinge
    Braided Loops x 2 packs
    Stalking Bugs x 6
    Mojito Eggs x 5
    Blob Collection x 10
    Mop Fly Collection x 10
    Blob Collection x 10
    Stalking Bugs x 10
    Stalking Bugs x 10
    Easyegg x 6
    Creeper Blobs x 7
    egg flies x 6
    Mini Black Fritz Lures x 19
    Stalking Bugs x 3
    Cars Whiskers x 5
    Blue Flash Damsel Fritz x 3
    Stalking Bugs x 3
    Mop flies x 3
    Buzzers x 3
    A mix of Lures including some Damsels x 8
    Goblin Egg Flies x 3
    Blobs x 3
    Stalking Bugs x 5
    Easyegg Mop Flies x 6
    Orange Cats Whiskers x 3
    Easy Eggs x 3
    Damsels x 5
    Buzzers x 3
    Fritz x 5
    Shimmer Worms x 3
    Goblin Egg Flies x 3
    Green Hot Head Black Fritz x 3
    Easy Egg flies x 4
    Olive Mohican Flies x 3
    Mop Flies x 4
    Viva Mop Flies x 3
    Stalking Bugs x 6
    Stalking Bugs x 3
    Sunbeam Fritz Mop Flies x 3
    Creeper Blobs x 3
    2 x Spools of Kamasan Mist Green Leader Line 8lb
    A mixed selection of Lures x 10
    fly line baking
    Unbranded Quality Fly reel #5/6
    1 x Spool 2X (7.5lb) & 1 x 4X (4.9lb) Tippet Line
    A mixed selection of flies x 31



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