Young Angler’s Fly Fishing Scotland

Hi all I am so please to announce that GCFflies is a proud sponsor of Young Angler’s Fly fishing Wales.

Young Angler’s is the brainchild of my new fly ambassador Anthony Williams who is from Wales so it’s thanks to him that I am not only a sponsor for his group but I have now started up a sister Facebook group called Young Angler’s Fly Fishing Scotland.

I know fly fishing can be a nightmare for kids to start especially if their parents don’t know anything about it not only that but is has a bad stigma most people think that fly fishing is an elitist sport and you can only do it if you have money. Nothing could be further from the truth anyone can get into fly fishing and a complete fly fishing kit can be purchased for less than £100 and a days fishing for trout can be as little as £15 try taking the kids out to a football match or bowling for £15 lol.

So this is where we come into it we are here to help the adults but especially kids and teenagers on what they need to do and learn to start them on their fishing journey and believe me once most people get a test of fly fishing they are instantly hooked and will want to go back for more.

We are not fly fishing instructors just a few guy’s thats passionate about the future of our sport we have come to love and without new fly fishers coming into it our sport it will die off and that’s the last thing we want.

We will be holding get into fly fishing sessions in Wales and in Scotland where we will introduce you to fly fishing. we Will have fishing kit’s that will be available to use for free and hopeful get a few fisheries on board to offer some free fishing to start you off. You will also be able to purchase kit’s from us on the day to be delivered to you ASAP at a slightly discounted price saving you a few £.

We are so excited about this new venture and cant’s wait to start our sessions the first of these is being held in on the 3rd of march at the Papermill Cafe and Trot Fishery in Wales but the bad news is this session is already fully booked but more will be announced shortly.

We will be posting on you tube as well as our Facebook groups so if you want to see what we are up to click the following link and hit the subscribe button. YouTube

One last thing if you’r kids are interested or in fact anyone that is interested in finding out a bit more you can contact me or Anthony on the following links.

GCFflie: Young Angler’s Fly Fishing Scotland

Anthony Williams: Young Angler’s Fly fishing Wales