Yellow and Black Okey Dokey Eggy’s x 3 Barbed



When stalking a trout you need to get down to the selected individual fish fast! Simplicity is the key when stalking, use a weighted nymph that gets down pretty fast and can be fished as deep as you need; add a smooth profile plus an exciting tail for extra trigger points. Fish take advantage of natural cover, bank, reeds and overhanging bush/trees are prime spots. Be discrete in your approach, if you can see the trout they can see you.

To be successful, when you spot a fish, stop; relax, and watch him for a while. Don’t hurry! From watching you may decide to catapult your stalking bug in front of the trout and induce the take by twitching the fishing fly.

this selection is for 3 flies for £3.30

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