GCFflies out and about.

Well it took longer than I wanted but finally got round to editing the 2nd video from our trip up to Fourge this is the … Read more

GCFflies winter flies.

With the colder months fast approaching I thought I would give you all a wee list of some of my best colder weather flies that … Read more

Fishing the Bung.

Fishing a small body of water can throw up many situations where adapting to the conditions is key, and sometimes that means fishing the bung. … Read more

GCFflies go worldwide.

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Fishing the Diawl Bach Fly.

1. Fish them on-the-drop Diawl bachs (pronounced in Welsh as “jawl bachh”) fish well when twiddled slowly using a slow figure of eight retrieve but … Read more

The Count Down Method

Use the countdown method One of the key things you’re trying to do when you’re trout fishing is to find the depth at which the … Read more