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Fantastic Brown trout caught by Kevin Sim at Lochter activity centre using one of my black & green bunny leech I was lucky to have been standing about 30ft away when Kevin hooked into this fantastic fish and I had my scales with me so go an accurate weight the fish tipped the scales at just over 8lb.

Really nice Rainbow caught by Will Whyte using one of my black fritz lures this one was just under the 4LB mark this was taken at Lochter activity centre Aberdeenshire.

Fantastic looking Tiger Trout caught by Connor last cast of the session not only was it a nice fish to end the day it also meant he landed up with 30 to the net. The trout in the picture was near 4lb but doesn’t look like it as Connor is nearly 7ft tall and has hands like shovels making the fish look small lol

Connor is also modelling his brand new Granite City Fishing fly Ambassador fishing baseball cap the plane cap with my Logo on it will be available to purchase very shortly.

And for those of you who are interested the fly that did Connor proud was a Pink goblin egg pictured below.

Charles Mcneill Sent in this great picture of his 7lb 2oz Rainbow that fell to one of GCFflies Ally McCoist lure fished on the intermediate. Not only was it a nice trout but it was a permit tagged trout so Charles next days fishing on Hopetoun fishery now known as Fish XL will be free happy days lol.

Great little session from my customer Richard Burt thanks for the feedback and nice Rainbow.

I was at my local Harpsdale Fishery Park for a three hour session and six in quick succession on your blue flash olive nano damsel Fritz including the fish above. 

I was at my local Harpsdale Fishery Park for a three hour session and six in quick succession on your blue flash olive nano damsel Fritz including the fish above. 

I then changed to the blue flash olive damsel bunny leech and had a further 5. I must of lost 5-6 fish over the session.

I have been slowly replacing all my fly that I normally use in the winter months with David’s flys from GCF top quality gear price and most of all they do some damage. If I’m having a hard day catching I normally switch to one off his flies and I’m never let down I have caught all manners off trout using them from Rainbows, Goldies, Blues, Brown’s and Brook trout yet to try them on the river but ill do that next year 👍🏻 here are some photos off my catches using GCFflies.

Not caught on a GCF fly but still a great catch.

Fished at Forgue on Tuesday 24th October, with a bright sun , and intermittent cloud cover .
I was fishing with a full floating line , and 12ft leader , and using a size
14 Klinghammer .
There was an odd fish rising when the sun clouded over , and I had released 3 fish up to then .
I dried off the fly , and casted to where one or two fish had been rising . As soon as the fly landed , a fish rose and took it , turning down firmly setting the hook , and the fight was on , and what a fight it was , as the fish went deep .
I had to put pressure on , to get its head up and finally saw the brown trout, for the first time , what a beautiful fish .

We pride ourselves on providing you with first class flies and wish you every success in using them, I’m sure that they will help catch you that special fish! We would love to receive and share your catches in our catches gallery.

Please email me an image of your catch with your name, a short description of your catch thing like location, method used and the Granite City Fishing Fly that you caught it on and we will put the best ones up in our gallery. Alternatively you can share it to our facebook page and we will load it to the gallery.

As well as the catches gallery we want to share scenic images of your fishing adventures, and afterall fishing is not just about catching fish. We look forward to seeing you great pictures, just say when and where it was taken and we will pick the best ones for the gallery.

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the person submitting the images to obtain the relevant permission from any persons within the images submitted, however should you wish an image to be removed from the page then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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