Mop Worm Black x 3



How to fish the Mop fly & Blobs: Well to be honest there is no right or wrong way.

  • Fly Line to use: basically any line from a floating line to a sinking line you can catch fish on the mop fly at any depth.
  • Retrieve speed: Once more you will catch fish from a very slow figure of 8 retrieve to a super-fast pull they all work.

Best Methods.

Most fish the mop fly under the bung (indicator) on Stillwater and reservoirs fishing (stocked fish) best to fish them static but be aware fishing static you have a greater chance to deep hook a fish as they tend to swallow the fly more when static.

So if fishing under the bung and you are on C&R it’s best to just do a very slow figure of 8 retrieve this way you feel the take a lot sooner than just watching for the bung to go under and you hook the fish sooner reducing the chance of deeply hooked fish (and use barbless hooks).

But like I said you can fish the mop on any of your favorite methods as it is one of the best all-around lures you can have in your fly box.

And don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a winter lure this fly will catch fish all year round and on one nice summer night I fished the mop on the floating line with a very short leader (so the fly was not far under the surface) and with a slow figure of 8 retrieve and had 22 in just over 2 hours so fish it all year round.

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