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Hi and welcome to the new and better GCF newsletter/blog over the last few years I have sold flies as a stockholding enterprise but felt that it was not the one to one customer service as wanted just felt I get the order I post the order and that’s as much contact with the customer I got. When I started GCF I had 2 things in mind one was quality flies and the second was to give the customer a more personal shopping experience and selling flies from stock was not giving me the contact I was wanting and the personal touch to my customers.

So I have decided that GCF fly shop will now become a custom tied shop so when I get an order from the website or Facebook I will be able to contact the customer and ask his or her preference on the order, for example, Hook size if they would like there flies weight, bead colours, tail length and even tips on how to fish the flies they have just purchased and just think it will be a much better shopping experience for the customer and me.

I have also had a rethink about the GCF newsletter and will start by making it either.

1) weekly or fortnightly.

2) Include fishery reports (if any fishery wants to include there reports that is)

3) New flies posts.

4) Will also give away some flies and materials to anyone that would like to review my products.

5) Monthly picture competition.

6) Post about any raffles and competitions from my Facebook groups I run.

7) Last but not least tips i will post tips on flies and methods to use and what flies are doing the job at the moment.

I hope all the changes are for the better and you like what i am doing with GCF flies and if any of you have anything you think I need to add then please let me know you can contact me on any of the below links or just through the live chat on my website.



GCF Fly Shop: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gcfflyshop

GCF Fly Tying Materials: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gcfflytyingmaterials/?modal=false&should_open_composer=false

Email: davie@granitecityfishing.co.uk

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