GCFflies out and about.

Well it took longer than I wanted but finally got round to editing the 2nd video from our trip up to Fourge this is the … Read more

C&R (part 3)

USE A RUBBER LANDING NET IN THE WATER While a quick catch and release with wet hands without a net is safe, if the fish … Read more

Check your leader for knots.

Check your leader for knots Wind knots are actually caused by creating tailing loops when you cast and are evident as little overhand knots that … Read more

New Google Blog Page.

I have started up a new Google blog page and I have started posting on it come on over and check it out and if … Read more

August 03, 2021 Well, this is my 1st blog ever as I am not a very confident writer due to my dyslexia all I can … Read more