GCFflyshop at Forgue Fishery

Well, I was meant to post this on Monday morning but just haven’t had the time so typing this up at half 1 in the morning, that’s dedication for you lol.

So on Sunday GCFflyshop and my future son-in-law had a day up at Forgue due to being quite busy with tying fly orders and some other holdups I haven’t been since the longest day fishing challenge so was quite looking forward to getting up.

Let me start by saying it was so nice to see Bob back down at the fishery as the last time, I saw him he was not a very well man but was just great to see such an improvement in his health and was also great to have a long chat with him.

As for the fishery I was so pleased to see how good it was looking grass was all cut and best of all the ponds were looking great. In all the summer I have fish Forgue this is by far the best the water has looked.

As you come down the hill on the left you have brown trout so-called as that’s all that was stocked in it at one time this pond is always colored but this year it’s void of the green algae and most of the weeds that normally plagued the pond.

The pond furthest away is called cherry due to the cherry tree down one side of it. Now this pond is normally thick with weeds throughout the summer months but I was very pleased to see most of it was free of the dreaded weed and algae and only a few parts of the pond would not have been fishable.

As for the pond on the right is called horseshoe named as the island in the middle was shaped like a horseshoe (not anymore due to the growth of the reeds) well I my god I have never seen it looking so good it was gin clear from one end to the other and after talking to Bob I found out this was due to his hard work so thanks, Bob.

Now for the fishing update well once more when we got there and it was a nice cloudy day and was warm but not too warm and a nice wind blowing from the hut down towards the fish farm and fishing and fish rising.

So I thought this is going to be good and went straight on to the dry (daddy long legs and an Olive Klinkhammer) and 1st cast had a rise but missed it due to not thinking I would get a rise my first cast and was looking away but it did not matter as my very next cast I was connected to a very nice Rainbow of about 2lb my first thought was this is going to be a great day.

Well I should have known better to have thought that with the Northeast Scotlands weather within minutes the sun came out and the heat built up and it landed up a scorcher.

 But not to be defeated I Continued on with the dry picking up the odd fish throughout the day.

While I was struggling with the dry Connor had decided he would try out one of my new bung mop flies and his very first cast he hooked a nice rainbow that actually took my mop bung just as I hoped they would.

But Connor’s fun was also short-lived due to the heat and sun and he struggled throughout the day.

Anyway, I had arranged to meet up with a guy I was talking to on Facebook he was telling me his daughter was very excited about her dad entering one of my raffles for a fly kit as she so wanted to start to fly fishing. Well, when I heard this I decided I would fix them up with a kit no matter if he won the raffle or not.

So when they arrived at the fishery I handed over a complete fly fishing kit to Ruby a very nice polite and now a very happy wee girl with her own fly fishing kit.

It was a pity the weather went hot and bright as I think Ruby would have had her 1st fish on her kit but the good news is she went to another fishery with her dad the very next day and did christen her rod.So well done from GCFflyshop Ruby.

Back to the fishing at about 7 pm, I decided I would also, go on one of my bung mop flies and went back into the brown trout the dirty colored pond and cast up along the reeds and it was instant down went the bung and I was into a very nice blue only about 2lb but fought like twice the weight.

Connor joined me in that pond and between us, we had about 5 or 6 but then it went dead again. We thought that was it for the night but I decided we would have our last few casts back in the Horseshoe pond down at the far end. And boy was that a great decision we were instantly rewarded with loads of takes but as it was starting to get dark it was getting hard to see the bung.

Connor ended up with 11 & I had 19 if it wasn’t for the bung we would only have been on 5 or 6 each I would have much preferred them all on the dry but the bung does have its good points on a day we would otherwise have struggled on.

If anyone is interested in my flies or my raffles I run check out the links below.

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