Fishing the squirmy wormy.

Fishing on Stillwaters

Typically, on still waters, the squirmy wormy is fished using two approaches…

a) Fished like a lure on an intermediate or sinking line. Cast it out, allow it to sink, and then pull it back using short erratic pulls to kick as much life into the legs as you can.

Often it is beneficial to pause several times during the retrieve because this provides time for slow-moving fish to take the fly.

While witching the fly, you’re likely to experience trout nipping at the fly before taking it. Therefore, it is best to do a short line strike when you feel a take and only lift the rod when you feel the fish is hooked.

If the fish hasn’t committed, the line strike keeps the fly close to the trout and helps maintain its interest.

Both single and double-tailed worms can be fished like a lure but the head-tail of the double-tailed fly can foul the hook.

b) Fishing it under the bung by casting it out and either leaving it to bob around on the drift or retrieving it using small twitches. These are good methods for catching trout lying close to the bank (e.g. near reed-beds, under trees, etc).

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