Look and target nooks and crannies.

Fish behind weeds and reeded banks.

When fishing don’t just fish the easy places look for areas that are hard to fish as these will be fished a lot less and not as disturbed as the easy access areas if you have to learn how to roll cast this will help you in the hard to fish areas.

Don’t forget that the trout like to hide in little nooks and crannies look for reed banks, weeded areas, structures in the water, corners where the wind is blowing into as that’s where the food is going to be so will the fish.

Use polarised glasses so you can see through the water lairs this will give you a great advantage if you’re trying to stalk the bigger trout cruising the margins.

This is what I tell anyone that I am helping you don’t need to cast to the horizon to catch trout as much as 50% of the fish I catch are within 20ft from the bank if not closed and have had fish inches from the bank.

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