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FLY REVIEW At newton fishery

Yesterday I went to newton farm trout fishery to test and review 2 flys from GraniteCityFishing. The Gold head Hulk Fritz expertly hand tied on a size 10 barbless blob hook and the Red Devil Fritz tied on a size 10 barbless wet hook.

I set up the Hulk on the floating line with 2 small diawlbachs on the droppers and Jimmy did the same with Devil. First couple of hours where hard with a couple of touches each and was starting to think it was not going to be the day for lures. Quick coffee and bite to eat we changed to same setup on the intermediate and moved over to the far side. Within 20 minutes and a few feet down we where both pulling out a fish at the exact same time 😂 every cast from then on we where getting pulls, tugs and followers all day and the fishing was on. I managed to get 4 on the hulk including a beautiful 6 and a half pound bow (video) and Jimmy with an even better 5 on the Devil. A great day all round and a great test of 2 great lures that the trout loved. Definitely a pair of go to lures when the fish are chasing.

Very good price at 0.79 each. Tight lines everyone 🎣👍

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