The Red Devil Mop Fly

Today I went to Kinross to test and review the hot head Red Devil mop fly/wotsit from #granitecityfishing. I started off using the fly on a floating line using a very slow figure of 8 retrieve with a small blue flash diawlbach on the dropper before changing to the same set up on the intermediate line where I managed to tempt a beautiful hard fighting rainbow to the Red Mop using the same retrieve. Conditions where hard, strong winds and fish not playing I decided to move to the large fly pond and change back to the floating line and set the Red Devil mop fly about 4-5 foot down under a strike indicator. Jimmy used the same setup and after a few casts, a hard-fighting blue trout fell victim to the Red Devil wotsit. We finished on the small fly pond where we both had another fish each on the diawlbach and the ever-reliable yellow dancer. Hard day but a very good test on a great, expertly hand-tied fly and would recommend all fly fishers to have 1 of these in their box.

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