GCFflies go worldwide.

Since I started Granite City Fishing I never in my wildest dreams expected to sell so my flies let alone be asked to tie order through my Facebook group to go to the USA, Canada and now Australia it’s amazing feeling knowing my flies are catching trout through the world lol

Now when I started the website it was only to sell in the UK market but due to increased interest from around the world I contacted my IT manager to see if he could open up the website for the rest of the world.

And as of yesterday this is now the case you can now purchase flies from GCFflies if you are from USA, Canada and Australia.

I am looking forward to see if this bold move works out and hope to see more of my flies being used throughout the world lol

Below are some of our new flies and products available from the website and hope to add even more shortly and remember all flies are tied to order right here in Scotland by my own fair hands and during busy time this will affect the delivery time but please don’t let this put you off as the feedback from my customers say the wait is with it for the quality I provide .

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