The winter lure collection Barbless.



This is a great selection of winter lures that will catch you trout throughout the colder months all these lures can be fished pulled on any thing from a floating line to a sinking line even fished static under the bung.

The collection consists of:

2 x John Deer Lures.

1 x Blue flash straggle fritz.

1 x Gold mini Humungous.

1 x Silver Humungous.

2 x Yellow Dancers.

1 x Sunburst Mop.

1 x Orange Mop.

1 x Chartreuse Mop.

1 x  Beaded 1 x beadles Sunburst yellow blob.

1 x Green goblin.

1 x Mojito egg.

1 x red,Olive & pink shimmer worm.

2 x Dogs Bollocks buzzers.

2 x red Dogs Bollocks buzzers.

2 Olive flexi bloodworms.

2 x Red flexi bloodworms

2 Beaded red flexi bloodworms.

2 x Beaded Olive flexi bloodworms.

Total 30 flies all are #10


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