Green Dennis the Menace Blob x 3 barbed



How do you fish a blob fly?

Although you can fish the blob on its own, this trout fly comes into its own when used as an attractor pattern. It is usually combined with a team of two (or even three) duller, more natural patterns, such as buzzers, nymphs, or Diawl Bachs.

“The blob works brilliantly as an attractor on the top dropper, but is just as good when used on the point as a pulling lure”

It’s more common for the blob to be fished on the top dropper, where it attracts the attention of trout who often follow it attentively and then turn away and take one of the natural patterns on the middle dropper or the point.

However, you can also fish it on the point. Here, it’s slow descent helps keep the buzzers falling through the water slowly and steadily, and is often taken itself, as well as attracting the attention of trout to the buzzers.

How do you retrieve a blob?

There’s more than one way to retrieve a blob, making it a very versatile trout fly. It can be fished static, you can retrieve it with a slow figure of eight, you can pull it back in short sharp jerks or you can roly-poly retrieve it at speed.

A figure-eight retrieve has always been most effective for me, but for many people, it’s a fly associated with pulling.

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