Brown Trout from Fourge Fishery

Haven’t been able to get out fishing for nearly a month but finally got out for a few hours up at Forgue Fishery yesterday and boy was it worth it.

We got to the fishery for about 12ish and on arrival, we were greeted with one of the ponds frozen right over but the main 2 were ice-free (think this was due to the two swans keeping the water agitated so not able to freeze over) and we had clear blue skies and temperature of about -1 and not a breath of wind. There were 5 others on the fishery and within minutes of arriving seen people hooked up so things looked great from the off.

Forgue looking at its best on the sunny winter’s day.

Connor (my future son in law) and I both decided to fish the bung and fish with the fly I was there to test out and within 3 casts I had hooked and lost my 1st fish it then went a bit quiet for about 40 minutes with just the odd nibble but then Conner change to a 6ft leader only about a foot and a half more than me but that can make all the difference and today it did.

Connor was instantly into a nice Rainbow of about 3lb as for me I had a nice brown trout and then decided to go deeper like Conner and instantly it made the difference take after take but taking really soft but my bung flies are so good the soft takes we can see instantly and the only down point with them is you want to change the depth your fishing you have to do a complete tippet change but worth it due to catch rates on them.

Nice fat wee Rainbow.

I was off to a wee lead 3 fish to 1 but Connor came back and before long we were both on 7 each but my luck was about to end after catching one more brown trout and taking my tally up to 8 I landed up having a tangle my own fault but as it was quite dark by then and me not having the right glasses with me I could not tie up another bung leader so went on to the intermediate with a lure (had this rigged up already) more on this later.

Nice Brownie Taken on the Green Goblin.

Conor continued on the bung and he  also had a very nice brown trout and in the end, Conor landed up with 14 and me on 8 so well done to Conor for finally beating me only taken just over 2 years lol

Connors nice Brownie.

Back to me fishing the intermediate I need to practice what I preach keep telling people if you are getting pull after pull and not hooking fish check your fly as you might have broken the point and yip you guessed it I was getting loads of pulls on the intermediate using a glow in the dark beaded white mop fly on one of the 1st casts I accidentally hit Connors Landover with the hook on my back cast and it wasn’t until we left I found I had broken the point off my hooks so practice what you preach lol.

Once more great few hours at a great fishery with good company can’t be beaten apart from hopefully in the next few months I will be joined with my old man after his recovery from his heart op.

Connor landed his last fish in the near dark.

Forgot to say we only had about an hour or so with the nice sunny winter’s day as the fog rolled in but never stopped the great fishing lol.

Connor looking for his Bung.

2 thoughts on “Brown Trout from Fourge Fishery”

  1. Grateful to you for your wee tips on Forgue fishery which I visited back in September when we visited Cullen on a holiday. Had good success on the brown trout pond. Wish we didn’t live so far away ( central belt) or would visit you more often. Does GCF have fly/ lure stock catalogue – do you sell on line ?

    • Hi, thank you so much for your kind words Forgue is a lovely wee gem of a place and is well stocked just a pity it was not kept to a higher standard.
      I hope the coming springtime I can spare a bit more time and get the place looking a bit better (with some help lol) but I suppose if it was looked after we would probably not get near the place for others lol.
      I sell my flies on my own website link below but I sell most of my flies on my Facebook group link is also below have a look at the website or just join my Facebook group and send me a message and I will be only too happy to help pick out some of my best trout killers at the time.

      Once more thank you for the great message this lets me know that I am doing something right and that makes me feel good.

      My online store:
      My website home page:
      My Facebook group:


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