GCFflies out and about.

Well it took longer than I wanted but finally got round to editing the 2nd video from our trip up to Fourge this is the one with the nice Rainbow caught on the deadly old boy lure.

When I manage to get out again I will add more information to my videos as I totally for got to actually say the technique and used.

The fly below is the killer fly and was on an intermediate line with a slow to medium figure of eight retrieve and had numerous hit on it but the 2nd hit was the trout in the video I also got a nice wee Goldie on the same fly.

GCFflies is now on YouTube.

Santa was really nice to GCFflies and gave us a GoPro.

Look out for new content from GCFflies on our new YouTube Channel anything from our fishing trips to new flies and even the odd competition. Below is our 1st attempt at editing a video so hopefully they will get better but we still think for our 1st attempt it’s quite good lol.

Thank you all for your continued support and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so you get notified when we do live streams.

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