Tips for Fishing an Apps Bloodworm.

■ When fishing In cold weather be inclined to fish Bloodworm quite deep in the water even use a bead head bloodworm on the point to take your flies deep.

■ Fish Bloodworm ‘on the drop’ give your fly quite long period of time before starting to retrieve your flies, you need to get the flies deep in the water. Intersperse these static ‘on the drop’ periods with some choppy figure-of-eight retrieval movements to simulate the thrashing movement of the natural bloodworm.

■Try different different colours as all colours work don’t let others say they don’t as they do lol

■ If in doubt fish Bloodworm under a ‘bung’ with a long pull now and again to lift the fly in the water, then wait for a while to let it settle again. This can be a lethal method.

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