Sea Trout Kelt or Not?

I have see so much pictures on my Sea Trout fishing Scotland Facebook page with the headline (just got my first Sea trout of the year) it’s a shame to tell them that they are not fresh Sea trout but Kelts. So if you are new to Sea Trout fishing or just not quite sure check out my short description bellow or go by my rules if you are not sure if it’s a fresh fish it’s more than likely it’s a Kelt as you should not have to think if it’s a fresh Fish or not so just put it back or even better like me practice 100% C&R then you cant go wrong.


Easily recognised by bright silver sides, white lower fins and loose, easily detached scales. Some carry sea lice which drop-off in fresh water within a few days. After 2 or 3 weeks they lose the silver and appear like dull coloured brown trout, lacking true red spots.

Fresh Sea Trout


Encountered in springtime, well-mended kelts are silvery and can be mistaken
for fresh run sea trout. They are normally slimmer in shape and can often be
distinguished by whitish-silver flanks which lack the iridescent colours of
fresh-run Fish.


Sea Trout Kelt

Check out some of my Traditional Sea Trout flies bellow.

2 thoughts on “Sea Trout Kelt or Not?”

  1. Just seen this content, well done !! You see so many people posting fish on the Internet that don’t know the difference, we need to keep educating anglers..

    • Thank you for the feedback I try my hardest to educate new anglers but after running a few Facebook groups I see a lot of so-called experts don’t know what they are catching these days. I was learned at a very young age what fish I was catching from my old man who was a gillie I try and pass on my knowledge to those who want to listen.


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