Granite City Fishing Facebook Group UK Fisheries.

As well as having my own online fly shop i also run and
sponsor 6 facebook groups (list of link below) one of the groups UK Fisheries is for all
the great fisheries we have here in the UK to boast about their great fishing
they have to offer. The group also has a fishing map linked to it called the
same name UK
where i have pined locations of 100s of fishing throughout the UK
from salmon, Sea trout, wild brown trout & stocked trout fisheries i have
them all.
I started fishing with my father more than 40 years ago when i was only 4 years
old and in that time i have seen a steep decline if youngster and older people
taking up our great sport So the Uk Fisheries group is
also where i am trying to promote our great sport of fishing and over the next
few weeks i have some exciting give away from flies to a spinning rod (I hope
to make it a full kit with your guys help) but these are not just for anyone i
want them to either got to newbie fishers or even better to kid’s or fishing
charities. So why not get yourself over and join the group for each new member
i will add one fly to the prize
on the comp
i am currently running and for each club, fishery or
association that join using their fishery facebook page i will add to 2 flies
the prize is currently standing at 36 flies right now and will only increase.
PS if anyone has a gift for the group to donate or has any good suggestion on
things we could do to get kids and adults alike into our great sport then
please email me and fisheries don’t forget the comp is also open for you to
enter as long as the prize goes to someone that need the flies all rules are on
the UK Fisheries group see links below.

Thanks for you time one more.


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