Well, this is my 1st blog ever as I am not a very confident writer due to my dyslexia all I can say is thank god for the spellchecker.

My name is David Whyte (Davie), and I’m based in Aberdeen, “The Granite City”. I have been a fly fisherman for over 40 years, fishing on wild Rivers for Salmon and Trout, as well as in stocked fisheries; if there is a fish there that would take my fly I am there! Over the years I got more and more disappointed with the flies I was buying, I was sick of paying far too much for poor quality flies – so I started “Granite City Fishing” aka GCFflyshop my Facebook name.

The only thing I had in mind was to supply anglers with quality flies at a reasonable cost! However, there has to be no compromise on quality, I would not want anyone fishing with flies that I wouldn’t use myself, and the only way I could guarantee that was by tying them myself so I started up Granite City Fishing, all flies are hand-tied by myself on quality hooks and materials most of which are sourced right here in the UK I am proud of my flies and even more proud of my father who has taught me all I know and I look forward to passing on as much of what I know as I can but not everything needs to keep some of my secrets lol

A bit about myself love fly fishing for Sea Trout, Salmon, Brown, and Rainbow trout but I also still like a bit of worming and love taking my boy & my daughter harbor fishing like what I did with my father. I am a long-time member of the ADAA where I can fish some of the northeast of Scotland’s best Salmon & Trout Rivers. Rivers like the Don, Dee & the Ythan I also travel to great rivers like the Deveron, North and south Esk, Tummel and my favorite not only due to the quality of the fishing but for the great bunch of like-minded fishermen the river Findhorn. I also like fishing in the northeast of Scotland’s many great fisheries like Lochter, Forgue fish farm, and loads more. And with over 40-year experience in fishing, I hope to also pass on some of my knowledge and tips of fly fishing and also hope to learn more from my customers. Please keep your eyes peeled as in due course I will post some great offers like the fly of the month and run a monthly photo comp and more.
I have also started selling on Facebook and my own website I also run a few large going on very large Facebook groups I will list all the links below.
Thanks for taking the time to read and look forward to making new friends and helping out the fishing community as much as I can.

Facebook sales group: GCFflyshop

UK Raffle & Auction Fishing Group

Rainbow Trout Fishing Scotland

Brown Trout Fishing Scotland

C&R Sea Trout Fishing Scotland

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